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Bathroom backdrop is a mottled nude color mosaic tiles and has been extended to the laying of the shower floor, the floor is pale nude color light stripe tile. Also a very good job in the space is divided into a smaller space but feel spacious shower irregular cutting just to the toilet leaving room for convenient placement.

Whitewash of the main wall in the bathroom with bare-color wall paint, shower nude color with patterned tiles, floor and wall tile selection, manufacturing a rich sense of the mix of black bathroom cabinet, so that the space will not be toopale.

Double end bathtub, using high quality acrylic sheet, insulation, light cylinder surface white highlight smooth, easy daily cleaning. Double bathtub with massage function, making you more to enjoy family life.

here are Fold Chrome Bathroom Faucet Design by Ceramica Flaminia. some think that the fold of pipe taps form is not uncommon even considered disabled, but for Ceramica Flaminia this would be a fresh idea to display different characteristics in tap water. because it is often considered to be defective form of this fold would immediately attract the eye and attention to the new look, would not it be awesome?. apply the Chrome material is beautiful and clean shiny modern is the applied force appears in addition to visual effects that draw attention. if you are interested to implement this in your home bathroom? then see all the design ideas in a collection of images on Chrome Bathroom Faucet Fold Design by Ceramica Flaminia below.

Purple bathroom sanitary ware bring you different feel.

We are not care about how the bathroom looks like, but if our bathroom has small space, we may be feel unconfortable. Here, let’s look at the creative Sanitary Ware Accessories which can solove this problem.

We couldn’t help but delve into the world of Italian company FAPCeramiche‘s bathroom design, the results of their product combinations give a truly fascinating and fresh approach to the common bathroom tiled walls, no longer appearing as simply functional, but almost as a piece of art.

The vast collections of unique tiles now available on the market should be approached in a similar fashion to how we choose our wallpapers, being the first thought for a room scheme rather than an afterthought; browse until you find a design you truly love and base the rest of your palette and silhouettes around that.

Light-colored Bathroom tile can help to expand your horizons, space, also brightness of the small space. You could choose white color, or the warm and cold colors such as red, orange, blue floral tiles, In fact, they both have a crisp, succinct, stylish features.

Romantic Bathroom Mirror for your Bathroom. Here, 8 Bathroom Mirror with different style will be your best choice for your bathroom.


Painting is rarely linked with the bathtub. However, designers connect the two factors together and the painting bathtub is bron. What does the painting bathtub look like?  Here, the several painting bathtubs can bring you its essence.

ROSERY antique shower room makes use of the top international antique carved craft, breaking the industry’s technological bottlenecks. It also makes the birth of a new shower room style and creates an ultimate luxury palace bathroom space.
According to the product designer of this antique shower room, the design comes from the villa design and classic home. Product designer found that many Chinese high-end residential, hotel and villas have adopted retro luxury decor. So their bathroom is also natural to introduce the elements of classic home, such as the majority of high-end real estate, hotels, villas bathroom with antique bathroom cabinet, and the whole of China is still a shower room with this retro luxury renovated with style and, thus, ROSERY bathroom decided to develop a high-end luxury antique shower room, dedicated to supporting high-end residential, hotel and villa bathroom design, its style of decoration to achieve seamless effect.